Koken – Exif in Lightbox

If you want to add Exif data to your lightbox image overlay on your koken photo website, you can do it easily by editing the default lightbox.css file that can be find in the following path: /app/site/themes/common/css/lightbox.css

Exif will be displayed when you press the “Show caption” button in lightbox.

You can find my edited version of the file in my github:


Or you can edit the file as follow

<div class="caption" style="display:none">
<h3>{{ content.title }}</h3>
{{ content.caption }}
<koken:not empty="exif.make">
{{ exif.make }}
<koken:not empty="exif.model">
{{ exif.model }},
<koken:not empty="exif.exposure">
{{ exif.exposure }},
<koken:not empty="exif.aperture">
{{ exif.aperture }},
<koken:not empty="exif.focal_length">
{{ exif.focal_length }},
<koken:not empty="exif.iso_speed_ratings">
{{ exif.iso_speed_ratings }}

Author: jr-photo.be

Brussels Artist Photographer

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