Free koken plugin selection

For my photography website –, I use koken CMS as I believe this is the most easy photo CMS on the market.

But koken is nothing without plugins.

Here is my selection of free plugin for koken photo CMS:

Instagram feed  – Eminos

Nice way to display your instagram feed on your Koken website.


Email Endpoints –

Dependable emails via your own SMTP server or Mandrill.

Google Universal Analytics – Daniel Muller Github

Automatically add Google Universal Analytics code to any theme.

HTML Injector –

Add arbitrary content before the the closing head and body tags.

No Right click – Michael B. Rasmussen

Disable right clicking

Rich snippets and Structured Data for Google Search – Michael B. Rasmussen

Use markup code to add Rich snippets and structured data to your Koken installation. It is highly recommended after inputting the data that you test the script on Google rich snippet test console: and upper right corner press new test and type your website url.

Semantic Images – Nikolas Hagelstein

Adds semantic information to images. For e.g. search engines.

With those plugins, you have everything you need for your Photography website. You can check mine on



Brussels Artist Photographer

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